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"I've tried other services, but yours is consistantly up-to-date where others are not."
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  • 10 counties in NY
  • Over 85,000 listings
  • Updated daily
  • Direct from courthouse
  • Many ways to search
  • Easy to use
  • Mailing label program
  • Special Realtor pricing


NY Lis Pendens, you’re the best!! Thanks the Long Island leads. I’ve been working them with phenomenal success. I can’t believe the increase in filings this year. It’s making for great business for us.

Mel T.
Westbury, NY

Another round of applause for you, Craig. I was a magazine subscriber since 1998; finally joined the website in 2006. Now I have a constant source of seller leads and best of all, I get the information instantly. Never even have to leave my desk. Thanks again.

Armando A.
New Rochelle, NY

…Thanks again for answering all my questions BEFORE I joined. And for the technical support after I joined. Now that I know how valuable this information actually is, I’m even more excited to get started in real estate investing. I attended the seminar and left feeling like the only missing piece was the leads. Now I’ve got the complete package, and I’m ready to go! I’ll keep you posted!

Thank you!
Regina S.
Middletown, NY

Hi Craig,

I’m working on my third short sale in 4 months. This has been a whirlwind and such a pleasant departure from my usual work. I spend less time working but I’m earning so much more per deal. And, I’m finally doing something gratifying. Thank you for your encouragement.

Alex M.
Rego Park, NY

We used to buy pre-foreclosure leads from another source. We spent so much more and got so much less than you give us. They updated weekly and their records were so out of date. They weren’t local and we’ve learned our lesson. We’re sticking with your product. It’s reliable and consistent.

Valerie and Avi
Brooklyn, NY

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Pre-foreclosure records filed in New Jersey updated daily.
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Pre-foreclosure records filed in Philadelphia, PA updated weekly.
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